We are a  creative company which holds a wealth of connections between domestic and international creators and studios.

CEO Junya Okabe began his career in the film industry at the age of 19 in 1984. During his 25+ years he has gained a wide variety of experiences and sometimes received awards in character project developments, video productions, special effects, modeling, CG, toys and the other various industries both nationally and internationally.
Since founding his owned company Buildup, Inc. in 1986, Okabe was responsible for the creative contents of a number of movies, commercials, games, and attractions.

After joined the Sega group and TYO group and gained experiences, Okabe was appointed as executive Vice President & Chief Creative Executive at Tsuburaya Productions.

At Tsuburaya he engaged various new projects. He left the company after he produced the theatrical Ultraman movie. In 2009, with his strong desire and motivation to creative work, he established IDA.

IDA focuses on Japan-specific creativity, the planning and development of video contents and merchandise, and establishment of the internet-based new distribution methods.

We are developing next generation of creative talent and new concept of production’s framework.

At our special in-house modeling department ZEPEET and CG/VFX department Light & Shadow, we make full use of the wealth of experience obtained in our production history, and do our best to carry out clients’ request while aiming at ensuring the completion of projects on budget, and on schedule.

Taking to heart the saying “ignore fixed concepts and you can create amazing things!,” we will continue to provide surprise and excitement long in to the future.

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