Movie Production

Our staff use their sense of enthusiasm alongside their practical ability to realize,  to ensure that while always staying on the edge of constantly evolving digital video technology, that they also make full use of traditional special effects, and special modeling technologies to continuously produce a variety of video products related to television, movies, internet, DVDs, etc.
In particular, our company structure of intersecting in-house departments  called “Light & Shadow”  (CG, VFX, Special effects, etc), and “ZEPEET” (Special modeling, special make up, miniatures, etc) which have been continuously establishing experiences from the former company Builtup, gives our company its own unique style.

◎ Planning and production of video content

◎ Video aimed for TV, theatrical movies, DVD, internet, and attractions

◎ CG, VFX, and Special effects

◎ Special movie fields such as local character and hero videos

VFX・CG・3D Studio:

Light & Shadow

Our in-house production team gathered to create a new independent studio brand! With numerous past work experiences from the former company, Buildup, Inc., we will establish this new production structure that will work closely with foreign studios. Expect seeing REAL creativity!


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