Special Effects / Sculpting

In the past, when making special effects footage SFX was used, but in the last 20 years the method has been passed on to CG and VFX.
However, special modeling can’t be the only thing used for scenes and production.
Quality and work efficiency exist resolutely in Hollywood, America, and its techniques have been adopted widely.
Through continuous development, our modeling section “ZEPPET” makes full use of everything from traditional modeling techniques to the latest digital 3D CG technology to continue the realization of the staff and client’s image.

◎ Characters and Creatures

From cute characters to savage monsters, we design, develop, and produce a wide variety of characters and creatures, including their costume design, form, animatronics, etc.

◎ Props and miniatures

We make cyborg arms, futuristic weaponry, props, spaceships, combat robots etc, and produce a variety of miniatures. We also produce hero special effects such as motorbikes and real vehicles which can actually travel.

◎ Special costumes

We produce hero suits, fantasy armor, dresses, secret organization uniforms and masks, as well as unusual clothes and costumes for use on the live stage.

◎ Robotics and Mechanical

We develop fully automatic robots from types which are manipulated by internal wires and complex mechanisms to those controlled remotely, and up to the most sophisticated and high quality types which can develop gestures and facial expressions, and mechanics which give great performance.

Special Effects/ Sculpture Studio: ZEPPET

With 28 years of experience in producing Special Effects, Junya Okabe attracts countless Hollywood creators, veteran sculptors and up-coming young creators. In addition to traditional production techniques, we cover a vast range from digital image processing system to three-dimensional output from 3D data.


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